Uses of Samwa:

  • Treats diabetes, stores excess sugar in the body in the liver which acts the same as insulin
  • Treats burns and swell
  • Treats anorexia ( loss of appetite)
  • Helps in Stomach cleansing
  • Natural Detox
  • Used by the Bedouins in the Sinai to disinfect wounds and treat skin infections and rashes

Boil in water and drink just like tea half an hour before meals

مواضيع ذات صلة

Sage (Salvia)


Benefits of Sage Tea Improves memory, sharpens concentration, Strengthens the nervous system, Anti Alzheimer Anti Spasmodic: Menstruation pains, muscle cramps, stomach ache Nervous headache, Exhaustion, fights depression, insomnia Lowers cholesterol Anti-Cancer...


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