Information about basil

Vitamin A 5.9%, Calcium 6.5%, Iron 60%, Fibers 5.2%, Vitamin B6 4.5%, Manganese 3%, Vitamin C 4.5%, Potassium 2.8%, contains no calories.
  • Appetizer, digestive, gas expellant, anti-colic, diuretic.
  • It makes menses shorter and less painful, as it reduces womb contractions.
  • Prevents insomnia and reduces anxiety.
  • Good for the respiratory system, chest soother, and for vertigo and migraine.
  • Prevention and treatment of common cold and flu.
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and anti-pyretic.
  • Prevents precipitation of cholesterol in blood vessels, so prevents heart and brain diseases like atherosclerosis and angina.
  • Preserves the genetic structure of chromosomes against irradiation, pollution, and insecticides.
  • Promotes liver functions
  • It contains strong anti-oxidative.


Putting basil in cold dry sealed glass container keeps it suitable for use for 6 months.

Ideally, basil should be with food, so that it does not lose volatile oils, so we advise you add it at the end of your cooking.

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  1. Nadejda

    Hi. I have your Bedouin Tea Sinai Habak. What is that tea? Because I didn’t found what is the tea composition. What is the Herbal? Because smell likes mint. Thank you.

    • sinaimoringa

      Hello, Nadejda
      Thank you for interest in our product
      It’s a herb from the mint family, it used to grow naturally in the Sinai mountains, but recently some farms in Sinai started to take the roots and farm it


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