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Sinai Moringa

I had wanted to have a farm for many years and when I heard about Moringa I was fascinated. The more I found out about it the more I liked it. At the time Moringa was not readily available and when I did find it the price was extremely high and very low quality It took root in the idea of creating a farm with the highest quality standards

  I knew where I would like to have the farm because I’d been considering it for some time. A place spoken about in the Qur’an, very special and blessed, El Tor. To be part of this place would mean a lot to me.

in 2012

2012 I was able to buy  4.2 hectare of land of which only a small section had been a farm before the rest was dessert.

Why Choose Us


We have Moringa trees , lemon grass, Olive trees, palm trees in addition to wheat, barley and clover to feed our animals and birds, we also use our herbs in daily nutrition as an alternative to medicine


Now we have our own packaging company located in Dahab to pack our herbs in addition to other natural herbs collected from the mountains of saint catherine by bedouins, we also cooperate with best quality local herbs farms 


It is a steep learning curve having not come from a farming background. The challenge is exciting, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time.

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Ali Baba Mall, Al Masbat,
Dahab, South Sinai.

Valley village, Tor Sinai.


+20 100 176 79 70


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